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"We're wrapping up the biggest single advertorial project that Farm Progress has ever done and you've been an important part of that." 

Willie Vogt
Executive Director, Content and User Engagement
Farm Progress Companies
Eagan, MN

"Everyone likes you Darrell!  I'm so glad you're part of the team, you've been a tremendous asset to this organization!"

Randy Barbee
Director of Communications
Farm Credit Services of Mid-America
Louisville, KY

"Your articles are very well written, you really do a nice job."

Jeff Broin, CEO
Sioux Falls, SD

“I’ve really been impressed with Darrell’s ability to interview people, ask the right questions, and quickly get a handle on the message they want to convey.  He then puts it into words that are clear, concise, easy to read and understand. And don’t be surprised if he adds some good ideas, too.”

Jim Clary, President
Modern Graphics
Peru, IN

"Staffing a large base of specialized writers and designers just doesn't make sound creative and/or business sense for our business-to-business advertising/public relations agency.  We utilize the talents of the likes of Darrell to help us deliver a strong written word end product at agreeable prices...and he's always come through for Tri-State clients...in price, in delivery schedules (even those 'need-it-tomorrow' type of jobs), and in technical understanding--important when you're writing about industrial chemicals one day, then medical products, then filtration media, then delivery vehicles...well, you get the picture.  Most important, Darrell's eager to roll up his sleeves and get the job done--I like his positive overall attitude.”

Todd Earl
Vice President-Business Development and Public Relations
Tri-State Advertising Company, Inc.
Warsaw, IN

"Thanks for all your great work. You really did your homework on the tone of the magazine and the makeup of our readership, and you gave us exactly what we were looking for. I very much enjoyed working with you."

Michelle Bowles
Imagination Publishing
Chicago, IL

"I especially appreciate Darrell and Modern Graphics actually 'listening' to me about what I want in the brochure. So many times companies have their own agenda and the client's input gets disregarded. I am so anxious to get this brochure in the hands of the people in and around Wabash County. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Scott D. Hanback, Ph.D.
MSD of Wabash County
Wabash, IN

"I've had some people tell me that was the best article on no-till they've ever read."

Ray McCormick
Indiana Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts
Vincennes, IN

"The article looks great! You've really been able to run with these plant features. Thanks and great work!

Kayla Schlechter
Communications Coordinator
Sioux Falls, SD

“Darrell, you did an excellent job on this article. I love having you for a correspondent!”

Jerry Goshert
The Farmer's Exchange
New Paris, IN

"I've enjoyed reading the articles you've written in Indiana Prairie Farmer. The professionalism with the producers and consultants you featured in that series has been outstanding."

Mike Starkey
No-till Farmer
Brownsburg, IN

"Darrell, I love your writing! It is so easy to read and so educational. I also appreciate your commitment to quality work. Your skills in building an effective news release are what make you so valuable to us."

Belinda Puetz
Brand Manager
CountryMark Cooperative, LLP
Indianapolis, IN

"Great work! I owe you and your wife a steak dinner! My boss really liked the way you combined the six short articles into one, said he'd never seen it done quite that way before. Willie [Vogt, Farm Progress Companies corporate editorial director] and I really appreciate everything you're doing for us."

Tom J. Bechman
Indiana Prairie Farmer  
Farm Progress Companies
St. Charles, IL

"We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate the work you and Eric [Schoening, graphic designer] did on our brochure. When we started out, we didn't really know what we needed in the way of a brochure, we just knew we needed something. But you listened to us and got it exactly right! We've already had a very positive response from our customers--when they see it, it's like 'Wow!' I'm sure we've already made some additional sales, just because of having this brochure to tell our customers more about our products."

DeAnn Rogers
"R" MI-DE Woodshop
Wabash, IN

"Thanks to Darrell Boone for an excellent and accurate report of my address to the Midwest Pork Conference! Keep up the good work!

Nelson Kloosterman
Ethics Consultant/Executive Director
Worldview Resources International
St. John, IN