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"The Write Stuff"
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In order to give you a little background on “The Write Stuff,” and how it can help your business, the following “virtual interview” was recently conducted with Darrell Boone.

Q – Darrell, why did you start “The Write Stuff?”
A – In the 1980’s movie Field of Dreams, Iowa farmer Ray Cansella was working in his corn field when he heard voices saying things like “If you build it, he will come,” “Ease his pain,” and “Go the distance.”  I own a small farm in Indiana, and in 2002 I was working in my corn field when I heard a voice saying “Don’t you think it’s time to start that writing business you’ve been thinking about?”  (OK, maybe not audible voices, but it really was a little bit like that).  I mainly wanted the challenge of using my abilities and previous experience to help others in new ways.

Q – Before taking up writing as a vocation, what did you do in your previous life?
A – I worked for many years in a large residential treatment center for troubled kids and their families. During that time I did many different things, but primarily I was a middle manager and staff trainer.

Q – How does that experience relate to running your own writing business?
A – All kinds of ways.  First, it was a very rich experience, with lots of variety.  Second, and probably more important, it was definitely a people business, and on-the-job training in how to work with people has been a tremendous asset.  Third, a very big part of this type of work consisted of communicating with all types (literally!!) of other people, often by necessity in some pretty creative ways. And last, I did lots of writing myself, as well as editing about a gazillion reports written by others.

Q - Do you have any other work experiences outside the not-for-profit sector that are helpful to you as a business writer?
A – Yes.  I’m a generalist, and at one time or another I’ve had experience in a number of different areas including agribusiness and farming, sales, financial services, manufacturing, construction, and the military.

Q – Do you have any personal experiences that are relevant?
A – Yes.  My wife is nurse and a cancer survivor—bone marrow transplant, Duke Med Center, 1993. We are parents of three sons, one of whom is a special needs individual (80+ surgeries), now an adult.  As a result, I have lots of experience with many facets of the medical community.  I am very active in my church, and am also very interested in sports.  I am a (very) small part owner of the Green Bay Packers.

Q – What is your educational background?
A – I have a B.S. from Purdue University in business economics, and an M.A. in counseling psychology from Ball State University.  I am licensed as a social worker.