Q – Why do I need a freelance business writer?
A – It is a rare business that doesn’t need some type of business communications,  marketing materials, or policy/training/informational materials sooner or later.  A freelancer can help you fill gaps in your organization by either supplementing the efforts of your current staff, or providing those services if you do not have staff designated for such projects.

Q – In what specific ways can a freelancer help my business?
A – Get your message out—boost your sales—save your time—keep you in touch with your customers—keep you focused on the things you do best—complete projects you’d never get around to yourself—provide specialized expertise—be a sounding board—provide a fresh perspective—keep your employees informed and/or trained—improve your image—save wear and tear on your nerves—just to name a few.

Q – What if I need a brochure, newsletter, etc., and just want someone to come in and do the whole thing so I don’t have to mess with it, how do I do that?
A – I’d be glad to take care of that for you. I have a network of excellent graphic designers, web designers, photographers, and printers that I can partner with for turnkey projects.
Q – Do you have any particular areas of specialty?
A – Much of my work is in the agribusiness sector, and I am a member of the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA). I also have previous experience with sales, not-for-profits, health care, church-related, manufacturing, and financial services. 

Q - Do you do photography?
A  -  Depends what you call photography.  If you're looking for someone to shoot your wedding or your son or daughter's senior portraits, you really need to call somebody else. If you need some decent shots of Farmer Johnson standing by his soybean field, I can do a respectable job for you.

Q – If I have a project I think you could help with, what do I do?
A – Give me a call or an e-mail, and we’ll set up a free consultation.  We’ll go over what you have in mind, your goals for the project, and your other parameters. Then I’ll figure a price for you, and if you give me the green light, I’ll get started.
Q – How much does it cost?
A – All jobs are figured by the project, rather than by the hour.  That way you know your cost up front.  Price is determined by the amount of time and the complexity of the project. My prices are very reasonable compared to those charged by other alternatives within the marketplace.  Also, much cheaper than hiring additional staff.

Q – What are your terms?
A – 

Q – Give me five good reasons to hire you for my business’s communication projects?
A -  1.   I’m confident I can do an excellent job for you.
2.   My goal is to meet or exceed your expectations with every job. 
3.   Besides writing, I have experience in a wide variety of areas.
4.   I’m customer friendly, dependable,  and easy to work with.
5.   If you don’t hire me, we could both miss out on an excellent opportunity!
If you need more reasons, call or e-mail me, and I can give you the whole list!

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