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Note:  This is a sample of a sales letter I wrote for Modern Graphics.

June 18, 2004

Rev. Harry DuPont
Sunnyside Community Church
1241 Hillandale Dr.
Riverton, IN  46999

Dear Pastor DuPont: 

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you;”

The Great Commission.  We’re all familiar with it. And if you’re like most pastors and churches today, you frequently wrestle with how to best do it!  And while nothing will ever replace the basics of Christians sharing their faith with those within their various circles, realistically you know that for a variety of reasons, this tends to be more the ideal than the practice.

An Exciting New Possibility!

Recently the outreach committee of First Christian Church of Peru decided to try an innovative new venture.  In conjunction with Modern Graphics, the church launched a community-wide, community-focused newsletter, Cross Paths, and mailed it to every household in the city of Peru.  This is not a run-of-the-mill church newsletter, that is internally generated, and intended for your members and attenders only. Instead, the church decided to do it up right, doing an attractive, easy-to-read, full-color, eight page newsletter that is focused on people who not only do not attend First Christian Church, but those who may not attend any church! 

The results have been encouraging, to say the least.  Feedback from the community has been very positive.  Some visitors have decided to come to the church for the first time.  Others accepted the church’s offer of a free gift, just for stopping in. Still others joined one of the small groups for the church’s “40 Days of Purpose” journey, based on the book The Purpose Driven Life. People within the church have caught the excitement, and feel very pleased with their church’s new publication.  And the list goes on.

A Short List of Benefits

At Modern Graphics we’d like to invite you to at least consider trying something similar to Cross Paths in your church.  While we would never suggest that this be your primary tool for reaching out to your community, we feel that it could be a valuable resource to supplement your current efforts.  Just a few of the possible benefits to you and your church:

Professionally Done, To Represent Your Church Well

Whether it’s the graphics and layout, the writing, or the actual production, Modern Graphics has what it takes to produce a newsletter (or brochure, or booklet, or other materials, for that matter) that will help you to be more effective in your ministry.  And this is done by people who know churches from the inside out, people who know the issues facing churches today.  People who can not only speak your language, but who can communicate your message to those who may never have been to church.

If This Sounds Like It Might Fit Your Church…..

I know “your plate runneth over.”  But when you have a chance I’d invite you to look through the enclosed copy of Cross Paths. If you think there’s a chance this might be a tool that could help your church better reach out to your neighbors, call me.  I’d be glad to see what we can do for you.

For more information, you can reach me at 765-472-3984 or 800-248-3984, ext. 25.

Thanks for your time, and may God bless you as you go about doing His work.


Jim Clary, President
Modern Graphics